By now we’re all aware of  TikTok’s power as the arbiter of style – as much as we hate to admit it – but undeniably it has become the place where trends are born, celebrated, and die as quickly as they arise.  And with the gladly welcome rays of sunshine, we can’t help but recognise the new aesthetics on our feeds. 

Enter delicate chiffon, paisley prints, florals and milkmaid dresses galore! From dainty daisies to butter-yellow palettes (carried over from last summer), designers are favouring ruffle trims, ruching, chintzy prints and muted summer tones across lighter fabrics made for long summer days. And while we are not quite ready to lean into Nara Smith’s controversial “Trad wife” aesthetic, which has blown up on the platform in recent weeks, we’re all for slipping into a breezy – ergo “girly” – dress for the sun-soaked May days we’ve all been eagerly waiting for.

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