Certain staples stand the test of time. The humble turtleneck being one of them. A merger of practicality and chic, the turtleneck’s elongating allure and cosy capabilities, make it a wardrobe essential few of us could live without.

Dating back to medieval Europe, when knights wore it underneath chainmail to prevent neck abrasions. It remained utilitarian throughout the 1800s, with some of its earliest iterations found in the wardrobes of sailors and athletes. Designed to provide warmth and protection against harsh elements, the high-neck shielded wearers from biting winds and chilly temperatures out at sea or on the track.

Today, a supply of staple turtlenecks means you can slip into “that” spring dress a little early in the year, wear your favourite sleeveless tank on a winter’s eve and conquer the breeze in a blouse.

From powerful prints and tantalising textures to classic neutrals and bold hues, our pick of essentials is perfect for trapping in some much-needed heat, while making a statement on their own.