If any of you lucky folk got to witness Queen B take to global stages on her ‘Renaissance World Tour’ (raises hand!)  you may have noticed one thing in particular – a hell of a lot of silver.

Not only did the finale include Beyoncé levitating above the audience while riding a silvered pony, an illusion mirroring the show’s album cover, but the concert also featured shimmering mirror Es Devlin-designed backdrops throughout, and a hoard of silver get-ups by renowned fashion designers.

From Jaquemus’ disco ball bustier dress, thigh-high boot and glove ensemble and Balmain’s sequin sculptural shell dress to Fendi’s motocore leather catsuit and Paco Rabanne’s signature mirrored disc chainmail look, the show was a carnival of all that shimmers, sparkles and shines.

As a result, Google search data shows that online searches for silver and metallic fashion have exploded worldwide since the tour began – let’s call it The Beyoncé Effect. 

The analysis revealed that online interest in ‘metallic cowboy boots’ skyrocketed 488% after the first night of the tour, and searches for ‘silver cowboy boots’ rose 300% worldwide, while searches for ‘silver bodysuit’ and ‘silver corset’ have also risen 426% and 669%, respectively since Bey first hit the stage in Stockholm on May 10th. 

It's fair to say, Beyoncé has sparked a silver storm but the metallic hue has made its way onto stages and into our wardrobes for decades. From the 1920s flapper-style dresses, captured by Cecil Beaton, adorned in silver sequins and beads to Christian Dior’s Silver Lamé evening dresses and the space age fashions of the ‘60s (spearheaded by Paco), the metallic shade has continued to shine brightly.

The recent opening of the V&A’s latest exhibition, ‘Diva’ celebrates all things high-shine with more than 60 bedazzling looks from cultural icons, including the Louis XIV-inspired costume designed by Sandy Powell for Elton John in 1997, Rihanna’s unforgettable regal Pope-inspired Margiela look from the Met Gala in 2018, and an iconic Mark Sullivan photograph of Cher, Elton John and Diana Ross at Rock Awards in 1975 all sporting metallics. 

You too can add a sheen of silver into your own wardrobe with a statement accessory or garment. Here’s how to shop the trend…