Gone are the days of miserable mugshots on your Id. Over the past few months, we’ve seen #passportmakeup reach nearly 90 million views on TikTok. For those that don't know, the viral craze involves painting your face with extra heavy makeup – think dark all-over contour, glossy highlighter, overlined lips and angular lifted brows – to give you a snatched, supermodel finish when behind the grainy passport booth camera. Rumour has it, that people have been stopped at passport control for their catfishing looks.

This holiday season, we’re channelling the trend. And showing you how to style your Photo-Me pics with the hottest summer accessories that have our stamp of approval. From the best mulit-micro-bag moment and the oversized sunglasses for days spent lapping up the sun, to the cult brand everyone's talking about (yes, we’re talking about you Jaquemus!) and a touch of bling from Manolo’s new chilanghi slides.

Thanks to these timeless accessories, you won’t be embarrassed 10 years down the line when your passports full of stamps and due an update. We can’t guarantee that these looks will get you over the border, but at least you’ll be serving style in the detention centre (note to self: renew those passports in time!).

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