With Fashion month underway, getting enough sleep while there are endless shows, parties and events is a luxury many of us will be forced to forgo (yeah, we hear ourselves don’t worry! But we share from a soon-to-be-sleep deprived place!). Happily, Loewe is the latest brand to fix your drowsy difficulties with their new puffer bag, perfectly doubling up as a comfy headrest (for the most dire of situations).

The move to comfort dressing hasn’t really gone away since the end of lockdown, with a lust for balancing chic with cosy a mainstay now in many of our wardrobes. Since the birth of the Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette, pillowy pouches have been a familiar sight on the fashion circuit. The Loewe puffer bag is a new addition to the brand’s collection of pillow-like accessories, including the padded bomber, a true investment coat.

Inspired by the shape of their iconic Goya bag, encapsulating some of the key details and aesthetics, the Puffer version brings a cosy softness to a beloved style. The bag comes in a variety of colours, our personal favourites are the glossy black and the new denim iterations, both classic but comfy complements to any ensemble.

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