Last year's drop of a new season of the Crown went viral with Elizabeth Debecki's portrayal of Princess Di. And more to the point, her handbag worn with her revenge dress when she went to the 1996 MET Gala, work with John Galliano for Dior’s midnight blue très risqué negligee. The Lady Dior was impressed into the fashion-conscious' brains and became an instant icon. So to use it as a canvas for the Dior Lady Art project, initiated by the French house in 2016 to further their longstanding affinity with the art world and artists, was a bold move. How do you improve an icon? 

Canadian artist Sara Cwynar

This year, eleven artists worldwide have reinterpreted and transformed Dior’s quilted bag. From Egyptian artist, Ghada Amer’s patchwork of paint and embroidery forming empowering typography to multidisciplinary Chinese artist Wang Yuyang’s intergalactic offering, which depicts the face of the moon when printed on iridescent leather that morphs from grey to orange, the project invites creative thinkers to design within the parameters of a singular size and shape. And yet, each series is a testament to how artists make their mark through a re-imagination of texture and fabrication.

Minjung Kim's 3d applique Lady Dior bag

Other artists featured include Brian Calvin, Shara Hughes, Dorothy Iannone, Zhenya Machneva, Bouthayna Al Muftah, Françoise Pétrovitch and Wang Yuyang.

Alex Gardner with his Lady Dior bag

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