Summer surf, a Sicilian farm getaway and a spa retreat in Crete, here are the holiday packing lists from the team… 

Augustine, Fashion Writer
North Devon Holiday

Every year in late July I make an excursion to North Devon, for a staycation to soak up the lush surroundings and drink in the fresh sea air. My preferred towns of Woolacombe and Croyde are where the North Atlantic swell meets the mainland, so though I am not normally one for extreme sports, this holiday is dedicated to catching waves. The big, clean waves mean that this particular spot is where the pros come to get gnarly – but it’s where I come to get splashed around, fall off a few times and flaunt the best of my beach wear.

For pre-surf lounging, I’ll be lying down this cult Telka towel and donning a Chloe x Eres swimsuit, its open-back striking just the right level of sports-chic I’m looking for in a day in and out of the surf. There is nothing worse than salt-frazzled locks, so before I take the plunge I'll be dowsing my hair in OWAY nourishing drops to keep my hair shiny and tangle-free after a few inevitable washing-machine tumbles into the waves.

To get myself geared up to face the tides, I’ll be plugging into my Urban Ears Junos (a new more affordable alternative to Apple and the perfect travel companion), so cue the Bill Conti. For when I’m feeling particularly daring, I'll slip into my Finistrere summer wetsuit, which nips and tucks in all the right places and keeps me warm for longer when straddling my board.  

When the sun sets and the day is over, I’ll be strapping into my splashproof Sukicoke sandals and packing my damp clothes into this nifty waterproof bag, heading up the beach and into the nearby pub to drink local ale and tuck into a traditional pasty, which taste all the better against my salty lips.

Matteo, Editorial Assistant
Greek spa excursion

The idea of lugging cumbersome ski boots up a hill or going on a dreary hike is not my idea of a holiday – leave the extreme sports to Bear Grylls. Like a summer rose, I have simple needs: water and sun. As such, I’m looking forward to an indulgent beachside holiday in Crete this summer. 

I’m a big believer in a long-term investment over a quick fix, and though this reinforced suitcase from Samsonite may be on the costly side, its acrylic finish will ensure there is no bag burstage in the airport. Taking a flight should be no excuse for ear pain, and these lemon and manuka honey lozenges will make perfect sucking sweets to avoid that sinus pop. I’ll be wearing this sleek sleep mask for a bit of shut-eye across the 4-hour journey: made from naturally antibacterial silk to prevent those dreaded airborne breakouts, it’s bevelled to fit your eye sockets, ensuring a comfortable flight.

For me, holidays are for lying on a lounger while a masseur kneads oil into the precipitous peaks and valleys of my back, and this fetching towel from Jacquemus will make for the perfect contrast with my likely lobster-toned skin. I love its almost childlike design and soft terry fabric. Doing nothing all day is thirsty work, and for those emergency trips to the cocktail bar, these thick-heeled sliders from Balmain will protect my feet from the hot ground. My signature scent for the holiday will be Jusbox’s Visionary Eye, a delightfully powdery blend of iris and lavender that will come alive on those warm Greek evenings.

Flossie, Social Media Co-ordinator 
Sicilian farm getaway

My farm-girl fantasy is being fulfilled this year with a rural stay on a Sicilian vineyard and smallholding, with the Madonie mountains as my backdrop. A gingham-fuelled moodboard is preparing me for a week of powder blue skies, freshly-squeezed lemonade and plaits held fast with ribbon.

This milkmaid-style blouse by Vivienne Westwood will satisfy my cottage-core cravings as I partake in some light farm work – collecting eggs in a wicker basket or petting the baby goats perhaps. After a hard morning working the land, the farm's natural swimming pool will provide sweet relief from the heat. Following a couple of leisurely lengths in an Ottolinger bikini, I’ll dry off with my matching towel before hitting the sunlounger, ensuring I’m regularly greased up with SunBum’s SPF spray (factor 50 for my freckled Irish skin).

I’ll also be spending my days frolicking through acre-spanning grapevines, sporting a Marine Sarre veiled cap for some more stylish sun protection. The Sicilian landscape provides endless possibilities for the perfect picnic spot, calling for a trip to the local deli. I’ll carry my focaccia sarnies and frizzante in a beaded tote by Casa Blanca for a late lunch, lounging beneath the leafy vegetation and snacking on grapes.