It’s likely most, if not all of us, have owned a humble pair of flip-flops. A timeless summer staple, perfect for chucking in a beach bag for days spent by the sea, useful for squeaky steps beside the pool, and handy for slipping on when wandering about the house. But most of us shy away from the flip-flop when roaming the city, in fear of sweeping the street with the soles of our feet. In recent months, however, the dialogue around the non-road-safe shoe has changed, and its flimsy soles have walked out of the house and are on their way to becoming the ultimate going-out open-toe.

Last summer, fashion flip-flops fitted with platform bases were one of many trends fuelled by noughties nostalgia (think slip-ons worn by Groovy Chick and Lizzie McGuire). This divisive style gained popularity with high-rise versions from brands like Coperni, Balenciaga and Versace, but fast forward a year and purveyors of style like The Row, Dior and Totême are giving the flatter, slightly more subtle shoe, typically rendered in all-black, a chic seal of approval.

At Copenhagen Fashion Week the unusually slippery runways welcomed the practical summertime piece on and off the catwalk, with backing from show attendees and fashion brands alike. Classic thong-toed Havaianas (yes, the sandals you probably owned as a teen) made an appearance at Danish heritage brand Helmstedt, while A. Roege Hove kicked off the rainy season by pairing its signature sheer, barely-there knitwear with kitten-heeled iterations. Saks Potts threw it all the way back to childhood, staging its show a few strides from where its designers went to kindergarten and styling its sun-soaked looks with metallic flip-flops, made in collaboration with Amsterdam-based concept store Carmen.

So whether you’re a fan of the polarising shoe or not. This summer, we're flipping the switch on how to style the staple summertime shoe. Here's how to shop the trend...