In Chinese folklore, rabbits are often thought to represent the moon. Some say it’s because the moon's markings cast a rabbit-like shadow while others say it’s because the moon goddess Chang'e owned a pet bunny in Chinese legend. Either way, January 22nd marks the beginning of the Lunar Year of The Rabbit, symbolising longevity, peace and prosperity...and they say a lot of good luck! The Chinese New Year—also called Spring Festival—is celebrated by well over a billion people globally today, so cue the hoard of fashion and beauty brands launching new capsule collections that pay homage to the joyous energy of the rabbit as we hop, skip and leap into 2023. Here are just a few of the Because team’s best picks… 

Light up with Loewe 
Loewe’s moon-gazing bunny candles echo the curvaceous shape of the brand’s iconic Bunny handbag. Infused with sweet notes of white chocolate, rice, caramel, vanilla and cream, the candle will ease you into a new lunar year.  

A Burberry campaign triptych
Cartoon-inspired rabbits sit back-to-back so that the ears meet to form a heart shape whilst others sit atop the Burberry logo. Rabbit motifs run through Burberry's latest collection and campaign starring actors Qi Xi, Shi Pengyuan and sportswoman Zhao Lina, in a three-part series of films captured by director Zika Liu and photographer Sky.

Mulberry x Miffy 
Climbing up the straps of Mulberry’s iconic Bayswater bag, rendered in emerald green, and peeking from behind envelope wallets, Mulberry’s latest collaboration is with Dutch stop motion character Miffy. Mirroring the adorable bunny’s signature minimal design, the capsule collection includes handbags, keyrings, travel and tech accessories. 

Augustinus Bader turns red
In line with the festivities, Augustinus Bader’s limited edition serum with TCF8, comes housed in a covetable red glass case - fit with a rabbit motif. So if you're due a restock of their radiance-boosting formula now is the time. 

Gucci spring into the new year
For the year of the rabbit, Gucci is leaping forward, with a new ready-to-wear collection featuring vivid hues, loud prints, and embellishments (including reimagined bold stripe 1955 Gucci Horsebit handbags). Radiating the energy of springtime the campaign is captured in blooming woodland.