With a collection name "Whales at Wonderland", how could we not feature these whimsical jewels from Francesca Villa in our meadowland of dreams VR landscape this month?

Whimsy is central to Francesca's jewelry - the Italian designer had created jewels for behind the spotlight for the biggest brands, but in 2007 decided to throw off the corporate shackles to unleash her Alice-in-Wonderland imagination and create some magic for herself, and the customers she knew could flock to her highly crafted designs.

And so, from a world of a cabinet of curiosities and a graphic world probably more familiar in the 18th century, Francesca's otherworldly jewels - made in Italy - have pushed traditional jewellery craftsmanship using enamel and materials like vintage English Essex crystal. Many of her pieces have used found jewellery or objets, vintage treasures hidden away at the bottom of shop drawers and re-imagined to be loved and used yet again.

With this Whales at Wonderland collection, Francesca says, “In this tough moment, I really felt the necessity to move away from reality and take my clients (and myself!) in a magical world afar from the daily routine.  Irony has been my guide all along this voyage, through which I enjoyed muddling up the life of the protagonists of these tales.  The creative starting point has been the beloved Being Crystal collection that is made of antique Essex reverse crystals.  Here, there’s an important leap forward as no vintage piece is involved and the crystals for Close Encounters have been specially hand-carved by talented and passionate German craftswomen, who I’m so happy to collaborate with.”

There's nothing better than a jewel that can induce a smile and this ring, created so thoughtfully with precious materials, is certainly that.

The Whales at Wonderland collection will be available to buy from June 2022 on www.matchesfashion.com
Or head directly to the jeweler's own website HERE