This summer, we are faced with multiple weather-related obstacles to sartorially manoeuvre through: unpredictability is the name of the game, where it can switch between a 38 degree heatwave to thunder in a matter of hours. Match that with a UK summer speciality - music festivals! - and you used to have a fashion dilemma. Mud became our best friend, dancing hours on our feet with people stepping on our toes but deliriously happy to moving to rhythms with thousands around us. There used to be few sartorial solutions but now? There's a plethora of fabulous shoes that are waterproof but airy, shapely and still give some fashion zing! So - we've compiled a selection of some of the most colourful and fun pairs for a splash-proof summer!

Loewe’s Wedge Sandals
Need to gain a few extra centimetres to actually see your favourite artist from the back rows? Loewe’s jelly sandals are the perfect hack. These are the jelly shoes you remember from your youth, but this version is all grown up - a good platform of 7 cm and the logo embossed in its generous and soft material.  Choose between a tangy orange, the summer favorite basil-green or a classic clean white as pictured.

Hunter’s Play range
Hunter Boots are virtually synonymous with festival season - cue the many images of Alexa Chung and Kate Moss embodying festival chic with their high wellies on. But forget the classics this time around - because this season, the British brand best known for weatherproof footwear have come out with the “Play series” – and the clog features heavily! Perhaps not the most practical for those downpour days with its open back, but as they come in a bright orange with red lining or a raspberry pink version with orange inside, who cares? They'll wake you up even with soggy feet!

CAMPERLAB’s Traktori Clogs
Camper was best known for their Mallorcan Walk, Don't Run slogan back in the 2000s, and through its brand evolution and different creative directors (of CAMPERLAB, its more "fashion-forward" line) their shoes always keep comfort top of mind. So their new Traktori Clogs combine a chunky silhouette with colour-popping palette aimed at making your feet happy. Featuring vulcanized leather that keeps out the wet, and an ankle strap for more grip, the toothed rubber outsole will give you grip for all that dancing in the mud.

UGG’s Tasman X Womens Wellies
The Tasman X are a clever, seasonless solution for UK weather. Made with a rubber outer, they offer a removable wool-lined sock to slip inside for the colder days. We love a shoe that easily transforms and the magenta-coloured version makes us happy with its colour.

Photography by Talia Goodwin

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