Victor Wong faces the future head on. His sunglasses range, launched in 2015, are full of flourish and hard edge, and in recent years Victor's 3D animated films that showcase his collection have communicated a sophistication with aplomb. As apparently the first eyewear label to take on a LFW fashion show, this season his sculptural eyewear is again being shown digitally and can take advantage of all that the virtual world can offer.

Starting with kitsch creations like heart shaped glasses with eyebrows built in, or glasses that look like lips lined with fur, Victor's aesthetic has been brewing over the past few years. Victor has taken the detailed handiwork from the craft his hometown in western Hunan, China is known for, and reflected it into each of his sunglasses pieces, creating bold and sculptural shapes, merging traditional artisan techniques and inspirations with futuristic designs.  His exploration of Asian identity and culture, after so many years in London, takes on new meaning in his pieces.

In his SS22 collection, Victor journeyed through the past. In “Timeling”, he reminisces over the landscape of his rural hometown, the muted tones of the rice fields, bamboo rafts, and fishermen casting their fishing rods. Against a digital landscape simulation of Hunan, on models in front of mountains and silvery lakes, his eyewear is more like artworks, with beautiful curves in shades of black and silver, purple glasses and orange rims.

“I wanted to step away from the fast, indifferent era of technology overload and make a long overdue visit to the land of fish and rice, the happy place of my childhood. Nostalgic for my past, I yearned to see the beauty of my home west of Hunan, China”, the designer told us.

Today, Victor presents his new SS23 collection “WONGderful Day”, where he will also be showing his line of clothes for the first time. “This is truly my happy collection. I want to tell the story about freedom, love and self acceptance. Returning to my homeland these past two years has helped me define my design language”, he says. 

What keeps him going? “Craftsmanship is endlessly inspiring to me. As a designer, I am like a translator. My designs translate the story of asian destabilisation into modern language.”

Victor speaks with us about his newest creations in our VR landscape so head there to listen in.