It's Couture week in Paris where (mainly) French brands get to show off their most skilled artisanal techniques and big ideas, and create the most spectacular of pieces that very few can afford. But that's the point - couture is there to make most of us dream.

Maison Martin Margiela used to show during couture, a house built by a Belgium artist (now, truly one as he sold the brand to the OTB group several years back and recently held his exhibition in Paris of objets and paintings) and now carried forward by one of the biggest dreamers of them all, John Galliano. The brand used to show on the Couture calendar but has taken a different approach these days to presenting collections and is conspicuously absent this week. 

Yet through their latest collaboration, this time with Reebok, Margiela is signalling that they are fully aware of the cult following they have with their classics. Search TikTok for the Tabi boot and you'll find a deluge of obsessives and collectors. So think of it more like a slow burn frenzy given the Tabi was launched in 1988 on Martin Margiela's very first catwalk where a model wore the Japanese-inspired boots and nothing else.

This is the second drop of a Reebok classic with split-toe infused Margiela Tabi-ness to come and it's a welcome alternative for those of us who eschew the hard click-clacking of a solid heel. These are shoes to run around town in, paired with pretty much anything.

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Unfortunately, the Maison Margiela x Reebok Tabi is no longer available. Shop these alternative sneakers from the two brands!