There are a summer, woven bags out there. We should know, we've been researching the best to put into our VR meadow wonderland of treasures. And it was through the research that we've discovered a hidden gem tucked away on All Saints Road, in Notting Hill offering the sweetest bags with great purpose.

Founded in 1998 by the costume designer Louise Jackson and her sister Joey Jackson, it was in 2012 that Louise started a partnership with a cooperative of handicraft workers in southwest Bangladesh to produce bags and home accessories made out of jute, designed out of the London studio.  Fast forward a decade on, and now they provide jobs and other opportunities for over 3,000 women in Bangladesh. The brand's mission to help these women overcome poverty found in the area, and to improve the women’s social status by providing access to free medical care and schools through the profits and business model of this collaboration.

We know that socially responsible businesses can do a lot of good - see Tom's, Patagonia, the original Body Shop founded by Anita Roddick... and it feels great when fun product that makes you smile can actually give back to the community that makes them in more substantial ways than just a paycheque.

It's an everyday bag that carries with it a promise of lifting-up anyone's spirit, alongside a whisper of a brighter future for the planet.

Shop some of the table mats and bags here: