Want more than memories and a suntan to bring home with you from your holiday getaway? Well, a few luxury hotels are aiming to capture the experience of that holiday feeling in merch - but merch not as you know, but proper, fun fashion.

Emporio Sirenuse has perfectly captured the essence of their hotel Italian icon La Sirenuse,
located on the Amalfi Coast, in a collection of beachwear and lifestyle pieces. Riffing on 
Mediterranean-inspired patterns and designs such as this beachy linen blouse pictured here, you’ll be able to take a piece of that coastline with you not only in the form of postcards.

Another example is ISSIMO, the lifestyle e-shop spearheaded by Marie-Louise Sciò, the family-owner of the trifecta of Italian getaways (the Mezzatorre on the island of Ischia, La Posta Vecchia in Ladispoli and Il Pellicano on the Amalfi coast). ISSIMO acts as an e-commerce outpost of its properties, which defines itself as “the destination for all things Italian.” Curated collections from the likes of Casasola, La Double J and Etro offer la Dolce Vita, along with dining recommendations and insider spots.

Collaborations have also been a way to embed a hotel's language into the fashion sphere, most recently with the Ritz Paris partnering with Frame Denim to create a capsule collection that included logo'd varsity jackets and baseball caps. While you may not be staying at a suite at the Ritz, you can still get the tee! 

So next time you’re on holiday, know that the love affair with the ease of getaway feels doesn't necessarily have to finish!

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