NEOUS, an accessory brand born in London 5 years ago, has had a circuitous route of genesis. Its founder and designer, Vanissa Antonious, worked as a fashion assistant and fashion editor for Harper's Bazaar Australia where she learned the craft of the covetable for 5 years. Moving to London after an urge to discover the world, it was a personal urge to find versatile, wearable shoes in her wardrobe that were also highly fashionable. Then, launching its bag range at the beginning of lockdown, NEOUS bags could not be slowed down, appearing on the arms of all the most stylish women. Vanissa has built a brand that drives for change in the way it sources and works with artisans, and today - April 13th, 2022 - the brand's 5th birthday is the perfect moment to get Vanissa to answer some questions about how far she's come!

What have the last 5 years of NEOUS taught you? 
Vanessa Antonious: I have learnt more than I could ever have imagined! Launching NEOUS has been a true learning and exploration in every sense, the last 5 years have been about setting the foundations, developing a creative family, embracing, learning and harnessing the process and skills of design – and by that, I truly mean design in its totality. The considering of each and every small element, conceptualizing unique elements and innovating. 

B: If you had to do one thing over, or more of, what would it be?
VA: Back when I first started out, I had no idea what I was getting myself into!  The storms have been trying at times, often to levels I did not realise but also from these times come true moments of human connection and union in creativity that remind me why we do what we do. Sanity checks did become a daily occurrence but looking back I wouldn’t change a thing! 

B: What would you like the next 5 years to look like for NEOUS?
VA: To continue our journey and to creating many more memories. To continue to create timeless products in the most responsible way and with the lowest environmental impact available to us. 

B: What do you wish someone had told you before starting NEOUS?
VA: How important it is to surround yourself with brilliant people! Luckily, I learnt that quite quickly and am pleased to have an amazing team who I have not only guided but who have guided me in return, some members with me from almost day one. Without these integral people, this journey and the landscape of NEOUS would not exist. 

B: How are you celebrating 5 years?
VA: My initial thought was that I would want to have the party to end all parties, in the summer which lasted all night long.  That party may still come, along with the summer, but for now we will celebrate by revisiting signature and beloved silhouettes from the last few years, reimagined and newly created in the spirit of celebration. 

This is a moment of reflection, celebration, connectivity and appreciation across all who are, will and continue to be NEOUS 

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