Maison Valentino and Tissu Market (a luxury fabrics seller in France) join forces as they rummage through Valentino’s textile archives, bringing life back to cast-off fabrics with their latest collaboration, “Valentino Sleeping Stock”.  Valentino has already taken steps towards changing how they approach the fast fashion cycles - witness this year's Vintage collaborations with some of the best second-hand shops around the world. Now, their enthusiasm in repurposing existing, yet unused, textiles pushes them to new purpose.

The Sleeping Stock project's proceeds made from sales of the deadstock Valentino fabrics via Tissu Market will fund Bottega dell’Arte, a programme founded in 2015 that comprises a six-month training programme aimed at young professionals potentially destined for a career in the exacting Ateliers of a luxury house like Valentino. 

This partnership, between Maison Valentino and Tissu Market, which has so far unfurled about 22,000 meters of Haute Couture and Prêt-à-porter fabrics since their initial partnership, has avoided the emission of about 265t of CO2e that would have been generated for the production of new fabrics, correspondent to the removal of CO2e performed by 5 hectares of forest in one year. In addition, a saving of approximately 1.105.645 m3 of water has been estimated to be saved resulting from the absence of production of new fabrics, equal to the volume of 442 Olympic swimming pools. Incredible.

The brand is the first Couture House to allow the use of their fabrics to be repurposed by individuals to create new kinds of beauty. We've always loved the idea of repurposing, and this initiative is one to watch!