If you're like the rest of us, still swooning over the elaborate selection of archive Gucci accessories featured within the (let's face it, divisive) House of Gucci film released before the holidays, then this latest launch from the brand will provide a much needed January pick me up.

With nostalgia in the air, Gucci presents the new Gucci Bamboo 1947 bag, a celebration of their Italian post-war innovation of creating the strap out of knotted bamboo.  Creative Director Alessandro Michele's magical ability to curate winners from the archive of the brand and refine them through a contemporary lens is what has made the brand a £10 Billion behemoth. And now, the Gucci Bamboo 1947 update bag has now taken pride of place within the signature Gucci Beloved line. Whilst the updated design respects its own past, functionality has been added with flexible gussets and enough storage and pocket. While the bamboo strap was initially developed out of necessity due to a lack of luxurious raw materials, its hint of exoticism, and not to say durability, made the Bamboo bag THE bag for the arms of Hollywood’s elite back then, and now today.

Its 2022 version offers interchangeable and detachable leather and canvas tri-colore straps. So you can hold it by its bamboo handle, nestle it in the crook of your arm, or make it cross-body with its sporty canvas wide strap if you are a hands-free kinda person. 

Choice, as an idea, is reflected in the new campaign too.  To celebrate the bag launch, the brand invited 9 international artists to create advertising films and still images based around their own vision of the bag. The multiplicity of vision is a brand value very much reflected in Michele's Gucci and for which we are a loyal and steadfast community of admirers. Beloved is an apt name for a range from his Gucci, where the care of making, the care of keeping and the care of using is utmost.

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