Gucci's been busy. Adidas has been busy. So what happens when two juggernauts of creativity and empowering stylish statements get together to get busy together? THIS.

First unveiled in February to throbbing lights and music in what felt like a disco box in Milan during the new catwalk season, much of the Gucci runway was pulsating with new interpretations of Adidas' iconic three stripes. There was even a Gucci x Adidas bride (well - she wore black velvet, and a veil, along with a red leather corset...but in our world, we imagine her to be getting married in style!)

How did Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele decide to merge the emblems of both  houses? A 1970s retro sportswear silhouette was paramount in tees, jumpsuits, and the retro gazelle sneaker a star. The tracksuit has been reimagined as shorts and joggers as well as flared trousers and bowling shirts, we hear Madonna in the 1990s in a red nylon dress was also on the moodboard given the  reinterpretation of it in the collection. Never without bags, Gucci's classic Horsebit 1955 crossbody and tote are reimagined with the Adidas Trefoil.

While the Adidas Gazelle sneaker gets a Gucci logo stamp, new variation of Gucci's Horsebit loafers are introduced. Oh, and is this the first time Adidas might ever be presented on a pair of heels? We love their rounded toe and high vamp, shoes to sashay in if there ever were a new pair.

The first Gucci x Adidas collection, with the essence of both labels firmly melded, comes out as Gucci's 100th anniversary comes to a close. A celebration of aesthetic codes that take decades to build, means that the core values of creativity, innovation, and experimentation from both sides have beautifully crossed over the finish line to come first for the win.

Shop some of the collaboration pieces here below:

Photography and video by Talia Goodwin

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