Did you know that the French jewellery and home accessories maker Goossens has been making Chanel's costume jewellery since the 1950s, having had a long history between its founder Robert Goossens and Gabrielle Chanel? The brand itself was acquired in 2005 by Chanel under their Paraffection, a group created by CHANEL to preserve the savoir-faire of the Métiers d’Art (now all housed in an impressive new building named 19M in the outskirts of Paris). The Métiers d'Art houses, such as Lemarie (feathers) Lesage (lace) along with Massaro (shoes) and of course, Goossens (jewellery and home decoration) were all brought in for their individual and  exceptional skills and upkeep of traditional methods of workmanship.

Goossens jewellery and house objects are equally delicious for their decadence and ornate workings of metals. These Harumi dragonfly earrings are from the 3rd capsule collaboration with  the jewelry artist Harumi Klossowska de Rola, seeking to build bridges between human and plant worlds. Brass soaked in a "gold bath" they glint as magically as the real thing.

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