Diane Kordas has a legion of celebrity fans, typically adorning their necks, ears and fingers with her fine jewellery line known for its playfulness and empowering messages. Whether an evil eye 18 carat gold necklace, or a BOSS nameplate in sapphire and diamonds, Diane's designs are protective and reflective. It's no wonder her 18K gold Animal Kingdom collection of enamelled elephants, tigers and majestic beasts on rings and pendants have been expanded into a range of talismanic blankets now, as the world of Diane Kordas has her customer bundled up in front of the roaring fireplace next to a ginormous Christmas tree.

Made in Italy, the 100% wool blankets are imbued with protective symbols, the perfect comforting body kiss for chilly days/nights ahead....and those days are coming!

The blankets are available on her website now!