Was anyone else as obsessed with getting their hands on Carven SS2018 shoes as we were? Back then, Creative Director Serge Ruffieux was creating some really special footwear that felt as crafty as they did chic.

Serge left Carven in November 2018, and last year in the throes of Pandemic lockdown announced a new label in collaboration with Emilie Faure under the name of 1309SR.

This Spring sees their debut collection launch online and well, you've guessed it. We're back to being obsessed by their singular take on the summer shoe - moccasins and sandals that are roped, tied, ribboned and cross-stitched, all with a feeling of the best know-how but a hint of chaos we love.

Not yet sold in the UK, you'll have to go online and deal with Brexit shipping headaches to get your hands on them here, but by the looks of the Fall/Winter collection to come, this is a label you'll want to invest in early.

Get wild. Let your toes out. Walk with abandon. We know you'll love them too. Just because!

Shop them HERE