What... Pearl, beaded & 24kt gold-plated choker by Timeless Pearly.

Why... Because this summer jewellery trend is still suitable for the winter.

When Harry Styles released the music video for Golden last October, little did he know that it would also be the start of the beaded necklace renaissance. Yet another Y2K trend that's infiltrating our cultural zeitgeist, the youthful jewellery pieces have become this year's most coveted accessory, seen on a variety of men and women of all ages. Some love it for the nostalgic reminder of younger years, some are the age that the former group reminisce about; but it can't be denied that these pieces are loved universally.

Leslie Chetrit tapped into her own childhood memories for inspiration for her jewellery brand Timeless Pearly. Looking back to the days when she would make moodboards with cutouts from fashion magazines, she creates vintage-esque trinkets that fit with the modern aesthetics of the 21st century. Alongside her gold-plated star necklaces, mismatched earrings and charm bracelets is a beaded choker that Hazza himself would happily wear, and has struck our hearts for its delightful design.

Made with a mix of colourful beads and pearls, this choker will elevate any drab wintery outfits. And no, this style of jewellery isn't exclusive to the hot climates; with the weather now consistently cold, shouldn't we accessorise in a way that reminds us what warmth feels like? Remember the feeling of sun on your skin? The sea derived components of this choker on your chest is going to be the closest you'll get to emulating that during the British winter, and you'll have the added bonus of looking great in the process.

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