You may elude from the Shakespearean-inspired title that Prada's latest holiday campaign is a celebration of theatre. While it is a theatrical production of sorts, their short film was based on an original story and script by cult screenwriter and director Mary Harron, and is directed by Glen Luchford – a continuous collaborator of the the brand since the '90s. Julia Garner, Shira Haas, Louis Partridge and Taylor Russell – a group of actors that quickly were catapulted to A-list status for their respective roles – unexpectedly meet on a snowy and deserted terrain, where they decide to form an alliance and traverse the setting together whilst wearing the holiday collection. The futuristic hints found in their uniforms foreshadows their final destination: low and behold, this arctic landscape is actually a snow covered Los Angeles that has flying cars circling it's epicentre – understand what we mean by theatrical now? This is presented through a virtual effects tool originally engineered for 'The Mandalorian' called the Volume, and signals how influential technology is modern storytelling.

Does it feel slightly over-the-top? Yes. But is it also oddly entertaining and a conversation starter? Absolutely.

Watch the Prada Holiday campaign film above and cast an opinion for yourself!

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