At Because, it's been our mission to champion the brands that may have gone under the radar in the sea of stuff available to us. In light of what's been happening globally over the last few months, we've noticed this is needed now more than ever, and have been wondering how best to continue this. 

Hence the start of our latest feature, Pass the Platform, where we'll be sharing a selection of interviews who would have been picked by the interviewee prior, starting a thread and community of brands that are doing good within the fashion and beauty worlds. We hope this will bring attention to different voices that aren't always heard within these realms, as per our pledge to do better.

Nominated by atijo, next up is Aissata Ibrahima of her eponymous label. We caught up with the young designer to learn more about the creative language behind Aissata Ibrahima and how great tailoring goes a long way...

What was the impetus behind starting your namesake label?
I wanted to make timeless pieces I love for other people to fall in love with and have something of my own that I could grow, develop my own design language and share my love of design.

What inspires the themes of your collection?
Finding ways to contrast masculine and feminine elements is always a key theme and a big part of my design development. Also love, whether its romantic relationships or friendships I want to celebrate that through my collections.

We love the emphasis you place on sustainability and making clothes that last a lifetime. What item do you think everyone should invest in?
100% a good blazer.

What is an Aissata Ibrahima hero item?
The lovers shirt from season one, it's an effortlessly cool piece that makes a statement and will work with anything in your wardrobe!

Blurred gender lines, sharp tailoring and classic styles are a huge part of the brand. Who or what has inspired your design aesthetic?
I’ve always been a tomboy since primary school and loved adding a bit of a masculine edge to my outfits. Also, my mums wardrobe was heavy on the tailoring and I loved how she always incorporated a strong jacket to her looks so effortlessly. She’s my original tailoring queen.

Discover more Aissata Ibrahima designs here.

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