Whilst Olympics hysteria is in full swing, truth be told, we haven't been giving it the full attention it truly deserves. Other than the news notifications that appear on our phone home screens, the time difference (and lack of enthusiasm for sports in general) has left us out of the loop.

If you're like us, and want to be reengaged in a way that doesn't involve hours of TV watching, we've made a summary of some of the most recent news in a way that grabs our attention: through fashion. Below, find looks that can be stated as a representative of each of these participating countries, all of which are in the top 10 on the leaderboard. Because, why not?

Great Britain
The nation's sweetheart and poolside knitter made news headlines twice in the past week; once for winning gold with Matty Lee for the Men's synchronised 10m dive, and the second for revealing another rather crafty passion of his. Is it a hobby he picked up in lockdown? Is his housed filled with all of his crafted creations? Has he knitted outfits for his 2 year old? We live in wonder.

It seems apt that this outfit should combine two rather contrary clothing pieces, that are both equally symbolic of this Olympic moment. The core piece of the look: a swimsuit. This Cala De La Cruz strapless style could be worn as a bodysuit when you're not located near a pool, even more so when it's paired with this Gauge81 knitted skirt – we like to think this would be something Tom would like to knit himself. Finish the look with these pink JW Anderson slides and NEOUS handbag and you have a popping swim/city look.

As well as being one of America's greatest gymnasts of all time, Simone Biles has made history for more ways than one. Last week saw the start of an international discussion about the importance of mental health, when Simone declared this was the reason for her dropping out of a few competitions. But today, she returned to the balance beam and won a  bronze medal, further proving that prioritising yourself is always the best option when it comes to your health. 

This look is a signifier of Simone's bravery, and her courage to go against what was expected is a shining example for all. This calls for a suit that speaks power and confidence, just this classic yet effortlessly chic Another Tomorrow jacket and trousers. Modernise the look with this Sea crochet vest and these maroon Malone Souliers pumps, and you'll be ready to boss any situation.

Having to host the Olympics in the midst of a pandemic, and when the majority of your population doesn't want it to happen this year, is by no means an easy feat. And in honour of the those who are working-from-their-home-country to keep this event (that probably should have been postponed) running, we're making this looks something suitable for the people that are reading this (when they should be working) from home. 

Yes, welcome the return of loungewear. Our favourite set is this Pangaia sweatshirt and short combo, for its environmentally-friendly production as well as its bold blue shade. Of course, a pair of comfy socks like these Socksss are necessary, and for you have to jump on a Zoom, accessorise with these Simone Rocha studs

Out of all the sports happening at the Olympics, we're probably least interested in boxing. But our ears perked up when we heard the news of French boxer, Mourad Aliev staging a protest in the ring. After being disqualified, he sat inside the ring at the end of the match for 30 minutes, to then leave and return to his spot. Whilst this might not be of much interest for many, this protest feels apropos considering France's history of revolution, and who doesn't like a fighting spirit?

No, boxing gloves won't be included in this look, but the following activewear will be your armour if you ever decide to give the sport a try. Bold is the way to go, and this Arket canary sports top and cycling shorts can't be missed. And with these ON trainers on your feet, you'll be ready for whatever this fight might bring you. 

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