Trans-seasonal essentials are an easy base to build your outfits off; a bold statement piece can easily be toned down for day time when it's paired with a staple. But to ensure they have lifetime longevity, these clothes must be crafted skillfully and with the best materials at hand.

To avoid having to do hours of research into what's the best of the best, Matches Fashion have curated an edit of those exact styles as part of their Wardrobe Foundations. "I wanted to ensure that we had a place on the site where you can find the best curation of all those items that every customer should own: the perfect white shirt, the perfect black sweater and so on." says Natalie Kingham, the store's Fashion Buying Director, and to make certain that we are not at loss if an accident were to occur – an spillage of red wine on a white tee, or finding a moth feasting on a cashmere jumper – "We will also make sure that these beautiful and practical pieces are always available on site."

But what really is a wardrobe essential? The Because team pick what they're spending their lockdown lounging in and why. 

Caroline Issa, Editor-in-Chief
These yet-more-lockdown days have really highlighted the pieces in my wardrobe that are "everyday" versus those that remind me about fashion's desirability-factor, dress up moments and indulgence. Needless to say, I'm in the less is more phase of dressing – not quite in the sweatpants spectrum still – but I'm leaving my ruffled dresses and tailored jackets hanging in the wardrobe waiting for more social days out. And so it's smart of Matches Fashion to curate an Essentials boutique within their e-com site, things that are practical yet luxurious for everyday.

And for me, one of the brands that define everyday luxury is Co, the Los Angeles based duo-led label that strive for beautifully made, clean and minimalist clothes that will serve you for a lifetime. This grey crew-neck cashmere sweater is the perfect example: boxy enough you can wear it with trousers or a skirt, or belt it in (when we start wearing belts again!) for a more silhouetted look, over a shirt collar or just a simple tee. Whatever the case may be, it's the perfect grey shade, and I'd even wear it slightly oversized. I have suits, dresses and trousers from Co, and this grey sweater will become my new essential...

Carmen Bellot, Junior Fashion Editor
I've seen a lot of the noughties trend tropes on my IG feed as of late – think: low-rise jeans, halter-neck tops and streaky highlights – but I still stand by the 90s as being the most fashionable decade. My favourite trend of the time? Baggy clothes. An oversized fit has been part of my style DNA since I saw Julia Roberts in a slouchy suit, because what can look more effortlessly nonconformist to fashion fad than an outfit that looks like your 6ft-and-over boyfriend wore the day before? 

As well as being sartorially season-less with a don't-give-a-fuck attitude, this look is really comfortable. This white top from Wardrobe.NYC and these wide-leg jeans from Raey combination channels Monica Geller if she wasn't so neurotic about cleaning. A boxy, white tee is a must for any wardrobe, 90s inspired or not, and this one looks as good non-steamed (as pictured: pardon the lockdown laziness) as it would creaseless. While jeans aren't your go to comfy clothes, these are so far from skinny that you'll forget you're even wearing trousers. I recommend opting for the size up and cinching in with a classic leather belt (whether the accessory is stolen from your partner is optional, but it adds to the ambience) to further give off an 'I just picked these randomly from my closet yet they work perfectly together' demeanour. Finish with a Daria Morgendorffer attitude and this outfit will see you through the decades.

Nasreen Osman, Project Co-ordinator
The other day when my sister walked in the door, donning jeans and a shirt ready to start another days work (from home), my first question was, "Why are you wearing jeans?" 

Skinny jeans have long been banished from my wardrobe and even my mom jeans have been relegated to quick supermarket visits, not to be worn at home when I have the option of cosier, more breathable loungewear. But I understood the sentiment when she answered that it helped her switch to work mode. That's what uniform and workwear is all about. However, what my WFH persona needs is cosiness and lack of structure. These wide-leg cashmere trousers from Lisa Yang are exactly that and are a dream to sit in around the clock, giving me the freedom of movement at least inside my home if not outside. Combined with a cardigan like this beautiful brown one with white accents from Jil Sander, I can smarten up my outfit, look composed on Zoom calls and keep cosy, all the while getting work done. No jeans required. 

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