After a year of trying our hand at absolutely anything to keep our minds entertained, it's no surprise that sewing has had a sudden revival. Along with the added sustainable benefits that making and/or repairing rather than buying new brings, the attention to detail and the necessary focus that the craft requires is a stimulating and somewhat therapeutic activity, that will eventually leave you saying: "I made that."

It's this feeling of satisfaction that Kit.a want to share with the world. Having launched during lockdown, two friends, Khirsty Campbell and Eleanor Gall, felt inspired to offer cooler takes on the crafty pattern cuts that were on the market. Now, they're selling six different sewing kits that give you all the tools and fabrics to make an accessory of your choice

Find out more about the company from the co-founders below, and watch Eleanor's tutorial on how to make one of their frill collars so you can do so at home.

Where did the idea of the kits come from?
During lockdown we had both re-discovered our love for sewing, however we felt that most sewing patterns on offer were dated or too crafty. On top of this, there was the faff of trying to source contemporary fabrics and trims. It seemed that sewing had become a bit of a lost craft and was due a fashionable revival. Having both worked in fashion for many years, we had toyed with the idea of starting our own brand, and it was a bit of a eureka moment to combine the two ideas.

Where do you source your deadstock fabrics?
We source all of our deadstock fabrics here in London as we like to be able to hand pick them - we tend to go for good quality cottons and linens that will stand the test of time.

Why do you think more people should get into sewing?
We believe there is nothing like making your own clothes to truly enhance your appreciation for them. In an age overwhelmed by fast fashion, we want to help reconnect people with their clothing. It's ethically so important to know who made your clothes, by making them yourself you have complete clarity and peace of mind.

Do you have any plans to add more sewing kits to your roster?
Yes! We will be launching our first clothing kits at the start of April. We will continue to build on this and plan to cover all the essentials of a modern wardrobe in a fun and fashionable way.

Buy your sewing kit from Kit.a here.

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