During the first lockdown, the Because team fantasised about all the beautiful things they wished that they could be wearing, as a way of keeping their spirits high and their minds inspired. 

A year on and with the end of our third lockdown in sight, they're still dreaming of what they could be wearing and what they could be doing, but this time, they're transporting their fantasy wardrobes to another part of the globe

Desperately wanting to travel anywhere where they won't hear the mutterings of an English accent, the Because team have imagined what they would be wearing if they could go anywhere in the world. This week, editor in chief, Caroline Issa, shares where she would rather be, and what she'll be wearing.

How could I not pick a Greek label to wear in the only Greek city I've actually visited, the dreamy Hydra? I went a few years ago for a long weekend and its clear water, winding roads with very few cars allowed around the town, and it's delicious fresh food stay in my mind. Greece is absolutely a destination I want to explore further, and with Marios Schwab now at the helm of Zeus + Dione creating deceptively simple, clean silhouettes with tons of little detail and construction (his specialty), we now also have the perfect brand to go to for a weekend getaway to paradise.

Whenever the sun comes out in London and there's a whiff of mild temperature, my mind goes back to my time living in San Francisco, when I used to drive down Highway One in a rented car with no roof with my flatmate, down the windy coastline through Malibu and Carmel. Certain songs also remind me of that drive (SZA's Good Days, most recently!) and I hope to visit the West Coast one of these days, especially wearing my easy cheerful jumpsuit I designed using archive prints with Label/Mix. Zip it up, belt it tight, slide on some sandals and you are done. Happiness all around.

Shop Caroline's jumpsuit, made in collaboration with Label/Mix here

Italy is always a destination, no matter the time of year. But Easter in Florence is especially magical; the blooms start flowering, the city feels warm with optimism and its beauty is heightened with sun. Plan C, designed by Carolina Castiglioni, is full of easy everyday AND holiday wear, and this shirt dress with printed sleeves is both practical and impactful. There's just enough quirk in any Plan C piece to feel like you've dressed up, but its always easy enough to know how to get into it (not the case for many a designer dress these days; alas whereby all the strings, sleeves and twisting means you need two more pairs of hands to get into the piece!) I have a lot of Plan C pieces in my wardrobe and I find them to be some of the best suitcase friendly items that don't crumple and are holiday ready.
Note: With all my dream destination outfits, I'm wearing Essen sandals,they are minimal, chic and comfortable for all that tourist-y running around I plan on doing when we're able to travel for pleasure again...

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