Uniqueness often comes at a price: finding something that is truly one of a kind is either costly or difficult and time consuming to find. But this Christmas, you shan't have that problem. The Yellow World, a retailer who specialises in stocking exclusive products from the brands that they work with, has yet another launch, ready to fill the stockings of those who love to replicate The Devil Wears Prada "Are you wearing-" "The Chanel boots? Yeah, I am." moment this festive season.

Their chosen independent brand to work with: Sandralexandra. Founded by Sandra in 2019, her ethos is to honour nature by using cultured pearls or lampwork glass to create her kitsch and often food-inspired trinkets. For The Yellow World, she's combined both materials for this heart necklace that gives hints to Y2K vibes without looking overtly tacky. Best of all? As it's only stocked here, only a small handful of people will have this piece. And to further sweeten the deal, we've got a 10% off code for you to use – a merry experience for you and your loved one!

Shop the Sandralexandra x TYW necklace here, and use this code BECAUSEXTYW for 10% off.

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