Despite having the hurdles of a pandemic-induced working from home scenario, the recent MA students from Central Saint Martins haven't faltered in creative ambition. With a national lockdown still in full swing, there were no invites to the traditional MA show that would sit firmly on the LFW calendar pre-COVID, and instead, these graduates created a virtual reality show-space based on their university campus, 1 Granary Square. While all of the collections managed to instigate a wow reaction through our computer screens, we've highlighted the below for the lasting memories they've left in our heads.

Horace Page
#cottagecore has dominated our Instagram feeds over the past year, but Horace Page's menswear collection gives new meaning to the category. Focusing on the contrasting relationship between the British countryside and city, Page's clothing is a mix of rustic, traditional design details and urban fabrics and cuts. Alongside a wool suit with embroidery of ladybirds is a hooded crêpe shirt, balancing the dichotomy of these landscapes in a contemporary way. As the recipient of The Self-Portrait Scholarship, we're excited to see how Page develops this vision in the years to come.

Sól Hansdóttir
Dark feelings will have definitely surfaced over the past year – frustration, anger, loneliness: we've all been there – and Icelandic-born designer Sól Hansdóttir decided to explore the epitome of negative emotions for her womenswear collection: evil. Looking to the three theories of evil as inspiration, Sól's work brings to the forefront the fear of the unknown. Distorted cuts and a range of fabrics create completely unconventional looks, that despite their uneasy inspiration point, hang gracefully on the body. If rejoicing in one of these is bad, then we don't want to be good.

Connor Baxter
The pandemic-induced lockdowns and the events of last year have felt oddly surreal, and will (hopefully) be one of the only times during our lives that we've been met with such societal disruption. With many of us having wanted to uproot and leave this situation, it feels apt that Connor Baxter's collection – I check in, I check out – delves into the bizarre through a fusion of clothes and objects. Each look, whether it be a decadently oversized evening gown or a double-breasted suit, comes with a tulle entity that's intertwined with look, and they collectively explore the fine line between escapism and fantasy. Romantic, expertly intricate and with the backing of The British Fashion Council through their MA Scholarship, despite what the collection name may suggest, Baxter's future is very much rooted in reality.

Check out the CSM MA Graduates show-space here.

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