Central Saint Martins has always been an incubator for creative genius – only last week did we see their MA Fashion students present their collections via an interactive virtual showcase.  And the adaptive thinking and innovative designs hasn't stopped there. Today marks the reveal of a body of work done by the university's Fashion Image masters students, who were asked by REDValentino to reinterpret their Spring/Summer 2021 collection

Including a mix of portrait photography, collaging and short films, each of the student's work convey messages on what individual and inner perspective really is. We asked a few of the students – Eomji Sim, Martus Chai, Ruby Pluhar and Phoebe Wilkinson – about the process.

Eomji Sim

When you first saw the collection and received the brief, what ideas came to mind?
"Based on the ‘cusp of adulthood’ received from REDValentino, I read the book, The Fourth Sex: Adolescent Extremes, which was fundamental research. And then I thought about what hasn't changed and what has changed from the 90’s to the present.

In the process, I discovered the biggest impact of technology on social media.  For example in the past, we spent a lot of time with friends and we would share our favourite things in person. Whereas in the smart era, we transcend physical space and communicate digitally to show our individuality. I tried to capture this moment felt by young people and I looked into what being digitally savvy looks like."

Martus Chai

What was the concept behind your image?
"The concept was simply to have fun and look fun. I wanted to recreate collages that resembled stickers from my childhood, therefore the poses of my model were very animated, and by using a fisheye lens the angles were quite dramatic as well."

Phoebe Wilkinson

What were some of the challenges you came across when creating the film?
"My main challenge in creating the imagery was technology and resources. I shoot mainly on a VHS camcorder, and the one I currently have doesn’t work as well as it should, which cut my useable footage by about half. The lack of access to studios was also challenging, as the lighting and backdrops I had to use instead weren’t as high quality and made the green screen aspect of my videos slightly more difficult to edit."

Ruby Pluhar

How would you describe REDValentino
"I would describe REDValentino as very in touch with the 2021 women of today."

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