This Earth Day, the Because team are showing their support by championing their favourite sustainably-minded brands. Spanning across fashion, beauty and literature, find out why they love them below.

Caroline Issa, editor-in-chief
Kjaer Weis is my go to for organic and refill-lead beauty products. I use this cream blush both on my cheeks to give them a bit of a flush, but also patted down on my lips for a lovely matte finish of colour. I go through the refills of these quite a lot as it's one of my stable pieces in my cosmetics bag, and the brand has really pioneered luxury products with refills and 100% recycled packaging.

Rave Review are so good at upcycling – I love their aesthetics and how they find great pieces of material to stitch together. It's good to see summer versions of their sell-out wool coats at Selfridges.

Orsola de Castro, one of the co-founders of Fashion Revolution, has written a book on practical tips for being a responsible consumer. It's Fashion Revolution week this week, where you can participate and learn so much more, and also demand to know who made your fabric, let alone your clothes.

Carmen Bellot, managing editor
For those who favour a simple beauty regime, Vintner's Daughter is your go-too brand. Incorporating the same techniques used at the family winery to make the formulation, the brand focuses on creating product that are so good, you won't need to be filling your beauty cabinets with anything else. Lower consumption is obviously better for the planet, and the minimalist mindset is one I try to relay into every face of my life.

&Daughter's knitwear are some of the best in the business, and they're made with 100% natural yarns that's sourced locally and made in the UK and Ireland. Keeping the resources close to home lowers the carbon emissions caused by unnecessary travel, and I love how their products have a 'Best of British mindset.

Nanushka has always been famed for it's sustainable practices; most recognisably for it's vegan leather. I can see this seersucker dress being a summer staple, and by being locally made in Hungary, it has the sustainable credentials that the brand exudes. 

Upcycled pieces exude charm as well as being incredibly eco-friendly, and these E.L.V Denim jeans are exactly that. The East London based brand takes unwanted jeans that are destined for landfill and gives them new life, creating truly unique pieces that that will live in your wardrobe forever.

For a second year running, Baum und Pferdgarten have created a capsule of recycled and organic pieces that will support the NGO Green Transition Denmark, which is part of the Clean Air Europe. For every piece sold, they will be donating to the aforementioned charity that works in creating a greener and a more sustainably-minded society. This loungewear couldn't be more benevolent if it tried.

Nasreen Osman, project co-ordinator
I love Maison Cléo for their transparent sustainable ethos and how the mother-daughter duo manage to skilfully turn offcuts into beautiful, timeless pieces. With the warmer weather creeping in, and due to the limited nature of their pieces, you'll want to snag one of their creations ASAP.

I'm not crazy about fragrances but I always endeavour to find at least one scent that will stand the test of time. Floral Street's Ylang Ylang espresso perfume is doing just that. On sustainability, they're hitting the mark as all their fragrances are vegan and their packaging is always either recyclable or compostable. 

BITE Studios' commitment to sustainability is literally spelled out in their name (‘By Independent Thinkers for Environmental Progress’). Made from organic or low-impact materials, I love their minimalist Scandi style that doesn't compromise on good tailoring.

By now, everyone – myself included – has fallen in love with the imperfectly perfect jewellery from Alighieri. What's great is that their sustainable practice is not just about using offcuts and recycled materials but extends to using local craftsmanship and ensuring ethical trade practices.

Delia Wagner, publishing assistant
I've been loving exploring new sustainable brands through the Net-a-porter Net Sustain initiative, and one of my new favourite brands I've found is Nagnata. Using a seamless circular knitting technique, their pieces are not only incredibly cute but also create zero waste. Their knit shorts and sports bra set combine some of this Summer's hottest trends with doing good– a real win win.

A go-to for soft and beautiful basics, Ninety Percent's organic merino wool sweater is the perfect add-on to any outfit for those crisp dinners outside this spring. When it comes to sustainable brands, Ninety Percent really takes it to the next level: they share 90% of their profits between those who make the collection happen and charitable causes.

Arguably one of the most sustainable acts of buying is reselling. This gorgeous datejust stainless steel and 18ct gold Rolex is the perfect pre-loved purchase: the timeless design and incredible craftsmanship make this 1989 Rolex a true treasure find. My personal favourite part is the story that every piece tells, where it might have been before and how it got to where it is. A truly unique piece you'll cherish forever– or until passed on to the next lucky wearer.

KORA Organics has been pioneering organic beauty since it's launch in 2009, focusing on keeping the skin healthy, for a beautiful glow from the inside out. Their Noni glow face oil is silky soft and feels light on the skin, while being packed full of valuable antioxidants and hydration for your skin leaving you feeling fresh and clean.

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