Say Bally, and you think Swiss Alps. The brand has been steeped in its Alpine lore for decades, but in the past it had usually been remembered more for the flats your mother wore (you know the ones!). Yet over the past several years, Bally has truly been dusting off its bows and offering more modern accessories and ready to wear, all the while deepening its commitments to the nature.

In 2019, whilst pledging their long-term commitment to mountain preservation, Bally sponsored a critical clean-up mission to the summit of Mount Everest removing 2 tons of waste. Later, they also launched a 37-piece capsule collection with 100% of proceeds benefiting future preservation projects. The Bally Peak Outlook Foundation was created to more formally structure the company’s long term commitment to mountain protection, safeguarding the world’s extreme environments from the adverse effects of climate change and excessive tourism through targeted, community-led initiatives.

This month sees the launch of Bally Hike, designed in collaboration with the dapper Italian fashion editor and stylist Robert Rabensteiner, who was born in the Dolomites, which re-imagines Bally's all-terrain styles in fashionable colour palettes that pack a punch. We love their Tetris-like colour blocking, no doubt steeped in Bally’s tradition of craftsmanship.

We're all craving the outdoors, so pull on your boots and take a hike!

Shop the Bally Hike 2 boots here.

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