We've seen some weird fashion trends come and go over the years. Did you ever think that we'd be harking back to the early noughties for outfit inspiration? Or that 2020 would become the year for tie dye loungewear? And lets not get started on the return of the croc. But it seems that a new contender for the award has announced itself: the balaclava.

Previously exclusive to ski slopes, the snood-like headwear has taken over our Instagram feeds as of late, and its popularity doesn't seem to be wavering. On Depop, searches for the piece has had a 145% increase and on global fashion platform Lyst, page views for it are up 18% month on month. Who knew that an all encompassing head piece could be so coveted

And with styles coming from some of our favourite designers, why wouldn't we want to get stuck in? From the colourful and patterned iterations by Shrimps and Loro Piana to the cosy classics from Extreme Cashmere, there's a fit to suit any look. Find our favourites below!

Unsure about what to style it with? Find below our favourite key pieces

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