As we've spent the past year huddled at home, it's no surprise that knitwear (and anything that can be classed as cosy) has taken precedence within our wardrobes. Despite this increased demand, knitted fabrics have always been the chosen medium for Galician brand RUS: a sister double act whose timeless silhouettes balance modernity with comfortability. "Knitwear is Pati’s big passion. She has been working as a knitwear designer for ten years now, and from the beginning we knew we wanted to start from our own experience and expertise and slowly explore new possibilities." shares one half of the brand, Inés Gutiérrez – Pati is the other half. "It’s an ongoing research process which is hugely technical and creative. There are so many factors that can alter the outcome; from the yarn selection, knit construction to the washing and finishing of the garment. Knits offer an emotional connection to a sensorial world, through tactile and visual experiences."

Pati and Inés are strong believers of slow consumption, and despite the pressure of an industry that promotes buying more and often, Inés explains that they work hard to stick to this ethos. "We aim to design pieces that adapt to the wearer, with the intention of creating a slowly evolving wardrobe with clothes that you can change by adding layers to them. Instead of looking for constant newness, we add only a number of pieces each season, and encourage rewearing and repairing.

For Spring/Summer 2021, they looked to the simple things in life to stimulate their creativity. "We really struggled finding inspiration in those first months [of the pandemic] when it seemed like life as we know it was falling apart," says Pati Gutiérrez. "The pressure to be productive on those first moments felt surreal, because I was feeling the opposite, almost a creative paralysis. But I found joy and calm in those “small pleasures” of the everyday; the small rituals that I’ve grown to notice everywhere and that are incredibly rewarding."

We put our 8Qs to the sisters, to find out more about what their everyday consists of.

What is a book that you always come back to and why?
Inés Gutiérrez: The dictionary, as there’s always something new to learn.

Pati Gutiérrez: I love re-reading books, and one that’s always close to hand is Ways of Seeing by John Berger, because it challenges how we look at images – it’s always eyeopening.

What is your morning ritual like?
IG: Nothing fancy, slowly wake up and eating a nice breakfast, then I have a coffee while going through the tasks for the day.

PG: Staying in bed for half an hour reading the news or simply procrastinating, and then I prepare some toast and matcha and sit on my own enjoying some time to myself. It’s a form of meditation before the day starts.

What is the best piece of advice you've received?
IG: Don't worry what other people think.

PG: Life whispers it's greatest wisdoms when we're at our most quiet. 

What is an ongoing goal of yours?
IG: Achieving self-knowledge.

PG: Keep learning and being curious.

What's your party trick?
IG: Rolling my tongue!

PG: Not a party trick per se, but karaoke is always a good idea.

If you could travel anywhere right now, where would it be?
IG: New Zealand, as a Covid-free area.

PG: Probably New York or London, I miss the buzz of big cities.

Name something that you're grateful for.
IG: Being able to build RUS along with my talented sister.

PG: Having our own independent business and being able to spend each day doing what I like the most.

Name three things that you can't live without.
IG: My laptop, beer and my sleeping machine (aka. my bed!)

PG: My phone, music and I would say traveling, but I guess this last year has proved me wrong!

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