Bill Cunningham once said that "Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life," and his words couldn’t reign more relevant than now. Pyjamas and loungewear seem to be the uniform of choice for those currently cooped indoors, and while it’s to be expected that comfort is taking precedence over style, why can’t we have both? A meticulously crafted combination of cosy and chic can be easily achieved in an outfit if some creative thinking is at play, and we’ve created this styling series to show exactly that. 

This week, we’re looking at how we can inventively dress up a pair of UGG slippers to give some new life into this snug loungewear staple. Be prepared for the battles brought upon us in our new normal routines, with these sets of lounging luxe outfits.

Look One: Hermit Hygge-wear
Despite what every avid Instagrammer may say, it’s ok to not want to get dressed like it’s a regular days sometimes. We’re in full support of having a PJ day if your wellbeing needs it, as it can be hard to muster up the mental strength to carry on like it’s a regular working day. With that in mind, these Pour Les Femmes pyjamas are made with ethicality and craftsmanship at their heart – an earnest reason as to why you shouldn’t feel guilty wearing them. Paired with these UGG Scuffette II Slipper, what could be a cosier outfit to wear indoors?

Look Two: Suns out, Toes Out
While the influx of warm weather is being enjoyed by the lucky few who have a balcony or garden, it’s become the enticing devil on our shoulders for those who don’t. This change of season means for a change of approach to comfy wear, as the connotations of cosy are often not reflected in summer clothing, until now. These oxymoronic UGG Fluff Flip Flops combine the softness of slippers in a hot weather shoe style. Styled with a linen crop top (like this Emilia Wickstead one), cotton shorts (we’re vibing these Matthews Adam Dolan ones) and a pair of Balenciaga neon sunglasses, you’ll be set for your once a day excursion, in comfort. 

Look Three: Fantasy Daywear
Contradictory to Look One, and for the days where we want to pretend that everything is as it were pre-coronavirus, this look encapsulates the fun process of creating an outfit – because we all need to spice up the mundanities of the everyday, right? Starting with the crux of an outfit: the statement item of clothing, whether it be covering your top-half, bottom-half or both, must bring you a feeling of joy whilst wearing it. This & Other Stories dress does exactly that, and it’s oversized nature makes it a comfortable option to lounge in. Pair with these Retro Mint Slides from UGG – the most comfortable shoe/slipper hybrid currently on the market – to continue the palette of pastel shades the dress contains, and finish with these Weekday hair slides to tie the look together. Et voila, the outfit to wear when pretending that you have an activity (outside the house) to get dressed for.

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