Bill Cunningham once said that "Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life," and his words couldn’t reign more relevant than now. Pyjamas and loungewear seem to be the uniform of choice for those currently cooped indoors, and while it’s to be expected that comfort is taking precedence over style, why can’t we have both? A meticulously crafted combination of cosy and chic can be easily achieved in an outfit if some creative thinking is at play, and we’ve created this styling series to show exactly that. 

This week, we’re looking at how we can inventively dress up a pyjama shirt, to give some new life into this snug loungewear staple. Be prepared for the battles brought upon us in our new normal routines, with these sets of lounging luxe outfits.

Look One: Getting shit done
Laziness, lethargy and unproductivity: these are just a few connotations that come to mind when one wear’s a PJ shirt in a work environment, but this should be dispelled instantly. Whilst #WFH, the increased adornment of tracksuit bottoms during the week proves that relaxed workwear is essential for productivity, and a lose fitting, but equally tailored shirt – like this Hillier Bartley ensemble – says ‘I’m dressed professionally and comfortably, and I’m ready to work hard today!’. To really enforce that working mindset, slap on a pair of jeans. The Balloon style from Levi’s are looser in fit and therefore making them the perfect match, because jean’s aren’t that comfortable and if you say so you’re lying. Finish with a pair of sandals (Birkenstock are our pair of choice) and a cute headband to jazz the look up.

Look Two: Saturday night, dance, I like the way you move
The meaning of Fri-yay has taken a new intention since lockdown. No longer is it associated with the celebratory feeling that the working week is over, but instead, with meh – the only word that can describe the arrival of a weekend in quarantine. If you’re some of the lucky few who have a scheduled in Zoom quiz, a Houseparty party or even a virtual date, take this as an opportunity to dress up like the old days and drink heavily. Let a mini silk skirt and a pair of heels be your armour against these new forms of socialising, a Moleskin to be ready for any game at hand, and throw on a PJ shirt – like this Wales Bonner one – to reduce the number of clothes you have to take off when the wine hits and you’re ready for bed.

Look Three: Walk away the day
It seems that now we’ve lost the freedom to go for a stroll for as long and as often as we want, an act of rebellion has surfaced: we must fulfil the 30 minutes of walking a day. For some this is easily done, but for the few who have become accustomed to their homely surroundings, going out unnecessarily is more of a chore than a joy. For those who aren’t giving into the pressure, take this as an opportunity to trial a new outfit. A slip dress (there’s honestly no better feeling than wearing a slip in the sun) and a Topshop PJ shirt pairing; two clothing concepts that were designed for indoors brought outside, and a pair of Nike’s so you can stride the miles in style. 

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