Bill Cunningham once said that "Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life," and his words couldn’t reign more relevant than now. Pyjamas and loungewear seem to be the uniform of choice for those currently cooped indoors, and while it’s to be expected that comfort is taking precedence over style, why can’t we have both? A meticulously crafted combination of cosy and chic can be easily achieved in an outfit if some creative thinking is at play, and we’ve created this styling series to show exactly that. 

This week, we’re looking at how we can inventively dress up a kimono, to give some new life into this snug loungewear staple. Be prepared for the battles brought upon us in our new normal routines, with these sets of lounging luxe outfits.

Look One: Curated Co-ord
Remember when we used to curate our outfits? Whether it was as menial as our workwear attire, or a thought out look for your best friends birthday party, there once was a time where the clothes we wore had more purpose than just to cover our unmentionables. There’s nothing better than the feeling of a well co-ordinated outfit, unless your co-ordinated outfit consists of a co-ord. Co-ords read effortless yet consciously calculated, and if that doesn’t give purpose to our lockdown outfits, what will? A cotton kimono, favoured for being an elevated variation of what the West knows to be a dressing gown, should be paired with some cotton shorts, for a cute and comfy look. We’re vibing this eclectic option from Ganni – is it a PJ set or daywear coord? Who knows or cares! Pop on some pop socks/slippers and you’ve curated an at home outfit, with a purpose to bring comfort to your day.

Look Two: Mediative meandering
While championing this Japanese piece of clothing, it's worth assimilating another side to their Eastern culture: being more zen. Whether you decide to commit to the religion is optional, but incorporating some zen – i.e dhyāna in Buddhism, meditation in the West – can be extremely beneficial during a pandemic. Practising meditation should be conducted in something comfortable, a roll neck jumper and leggings will suffice, and if you want to practice whilst queuing for the supermarket, throw on a kimono and flats.

Look Three: Take-out time
Getting a take-away was not considered a glamorous pastime, nor something to dress nicely for pre-corona, but while we’re still in the midst of a pandemic, we’ll take any excuse to dress up and feel a bit fancy. Push the boat out and revel in double denim territory – two lots of denim transform a mundane fabric into a memorable outfit – with a kimono and jean pairing, which accessorised with a silver necklace will make for unexpected ammunition. If you need to collect your take away, throw on some clogs and let the pavement be your catwalk. 

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