Now has never been a more prevalent time to support the brands that are doing good. Whether it be their philanthropic donations, sustainable practices, or even their anti-fast fashion ethos; a purchase from those actively changing the industry is appreciated now more than ever.

Three Graces London is an example of a brand that does all three. Founded in 2015 by Catherine Johnson, their lightweight summer styles are the epitome of warm weather dressing, but made with brand values that are relevant all year long. Wherever possible, the brand will off-set their emissions through investments in internationally recognised climate projects, they only use GOTS certified organic cotton and create continuously timeless pieces by not designing trend-led garments. All in all, we'd be more than proud to don a Three Grace style and we believe you should be to.

Caroline Issa speaks to Catherine about how she envisions the Three Grace woman to be and how the pandemic has shaped the brand.

Catherine, what qualities does a Three Graces muse have?
The Muses that we identify are not necessarily fashionable or transient, they are timeless. At Three Graces we value women with a distinctive point of view – women like Tilda Swinton, Sofia Coppola and Bianca Jagger that represent a naturally owned sense of style and with that comes beauty.

Lindsey Holland wearing Three Graces London.

How have you adapted the way you think about designing post-Pandemic – does it change? Or have you dug in even further into your brand philosophy given you started with comfort and ease at its core?
We are sticking to our guns; environmentally friendly practices and promoting moderate consumption goes hand in hand with our central brand philosophy of thoughtful, timeless design, produced in small quantities and using only the finest fabrics from generations-old Italian mills. By making our products as beautiful as we can, we’re hopefully making it easier for women to buy less, but buy well-considered pieces that are made to last.

What is giving you hope for the future for your brand, and yourself?
100%, I believe in the Three Graces Brand, our philosophy, and in the talent and dedication of the team. This is what drives me forward. 

Leila Yavari wearing Three Graces London.

How do you stay calm these uncertain days?
I take more time for myself , my family, and my friends. I also love especially love to exercise outdoors. Cooking and eating with my family is another huge joy!

What's the one piece you've realised every woman needs in their wardrobe that you are so grateful to have already designed and perfected?
Our Livetta Kaftan, it's the perfect piece to relax in lounge in. 

Thora Valdimars wearing Three Graces London.

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