Starting in 1992, World Ocean Day has continued as an annual celebration of what covers more than 70% of the earth for nearly 20 years. For 2020, the theme is focussing on what our world leaders can do, and asking them to try to protect 30% of our blue planet by 2030. By safeguarding 30% of our oceans, those protected areas can naturally redevelop and reform, which makes for an efficient and critical way of rebuilding our oceans to their former glory.

To highlight this important day, Because have looked to the brands within the fashion and beauty realms that are diving in with sustainable strides to help our seas.

Plastic has always been at battle with the earth. It’s indecomposable form has made it a symbol of pollution for decades, but with new technologies and inventive thinking at play, its negative reputation has been revamped.

No longer the material we see on the top of a landfill, recycled plastic has quickly become a popular sustainable textile within the fashion industry. ECONYL has become a sought after fabric choice for the brands who are striding towards being more sustainable, and being made of synthetic waste – industrial plastic, waste fabric and fishing nets from oceans – it’s reinventing purpose into objects that would otherwise become toxic trash for our planet. Now seen as the earth-friendly substitute for nylon – according to, nylon requires tonnes of water and produces a hefty amount of nitrous oxide, which is 10 times more potent than carbon dioxide – and with 40% of man-made plastic found in the ocean to be nylon, ECONYL is a welcomed replacement to this hazardous fabric.

And if you’re in want of decking your wardrobe with this sustainable textile, the easiest place to start is with your swimwear. Ironically, the plastic that is often found within our oceans is now going back in without any polluting effects, as ECONYL has been a firm favourite with swimwear for sale this summer.

High-street staple, ARKET has always been a purveyor of bringing sustainable materials at an affordable price, and for their Spring/Summer swim collection, they’ve done exactly that. Made with ECONYL yarn, this paisley one-piece proves that eco-conscious fashion needn’t come at a costly price.

Another purveyor of ECONYL, is Swedish swimwear brand Fisch. After training at Parsons School of Design in the big apple and a stint at Saint Laurent, Agnes Fischer actively chose to use sustainable materials as a response to the destruction of the Carribean coral reef, where she often went snorkelling on childhood holidays. Prefer a 90s inspired high-rise style for your swimsuit? Then get Fisch-ing!

If you want to add to your good-will efforts by also inducing a charitable donation, shop the ‘Roos suit’ by Dos Gardenias. The Malibu-based brand have partnered with charity:water ambassador and model, Roos de Kok, to create a style where 100% of the proceeds will go towards charity:water and their mission to provide clean water for developing countries. Sustainable and philanthropic – this swimsuit certainly makes a splash.

Retailers are also swimming into action. Zalando partnered with 9 Nordic designers to create a sustainable edit for the retailer, which included a range of recycled plastic swimwear. Matches Fashion launched The Responsible Edit earlier this year – which was the result of over two years of work with their partner Eco-Age – and is a hub for consumers to discover socially and environmentally ethical brands, which includes a selection of eco cozzies from the aforementioned.

Shop more sustainable swimwear below:

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