We don't need to hark on about why we should all be thinking more sustainably – there's enough news about the climate crisis to clearly tell us that – but even for the best of us, we still need a nudge in the environmentally friendly direction to make the changes that'll better our planet.

In this day and age, a reusable coffee cup is no longer your get-out-of-jail-free-card for acting sustainably in other areas of your life. Now more than ever, we need to be putting our green thinking caps on and addressing how we can buy more sustainably with the clothes we wear, the beauty we put on our skin and the ornaments we place in our homes. So, this September, we're doing exactly that.

Our new 'Sustainable September' series will be highlighting the best sustainably-minded products and brands that range over fashion, beauty and homeware, everyday throughout the month, showing that there are earth-affable options that you can opt for. Today, we're looking at the exciting collaboration between ISKO x Bianca Saunders, and their sustainable dancing with denim collection.

Lockdown may have lead us astray from the universally loved and iconic material: denim; but it still stands above the rest when it comes to versatility and timeless appeal. While we may not have worn our favourite jeans during our days inside, as soon as freedom came, they were the first piece of clothing we threw on to tackle the 'new normal' world. Yet, there's a dirty secret that the treasured fabric holds; on average, it takes 1,500 litres of water to produce a single pair of jeans. Massive amounts of energy and pesticides are also used to grow cotton, which means that jeans are one of the least eco-friendly garments to produce.

Ready to bring the environmentally un-friendly material back on our wish-lists for its sustainable and stylish attributes is behemoth denim producers, ISKO, who have joined forces with a rising name in British fashion, Bianca Saunders, to produce a collection that explores heritage, artistry and movement with sustainability at its very core.

Known for her boundary breaking, gender-bending aesthetic and eco-conscious mindset, Bianca Saunders is bringing a breath of fresh air into the industry. In January of this year, Saunders showcased her collaboration with ISKO’s sustainable-certified denim as part of her AW20 London Fashion Week Mens presentation. Exploring Saunders’ West Indian heritage, the collection was inspired by vintage VHS recordings of dancehall parties from London and beyond, within the Caribbean community. This intriguing collection draws on the ability garments have to connect us to movement, culture, and, ultimately, each other.

A match made in heaven, both parties share the same ethos and place sustainability on the same platform with creativity. Not only is ISKO’s denim certified by third parties as sustainable and/or recycled, they are constantly working on new ways to pioneer within the industry. From their ISKO R-TWO programme (where the fabrics included are a mix of reused and/or recycled materials, improving sourcing efficiency throughout the entire field-to-fabric production), to collaborations with exciting young designers like Bianca Saunders.

And, while these pieces are being sold as menswear, whose to say we can’t own the flecked acid wash jacket – guaranteed to add zing to any outfit it’s paired with. Watch this space, as Saunders, with her upcycled pieces, is creating an exciting place for sustainable denim to really come into its own.

Shop ISKO x Bianca Saunder's collaboration below:

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