Hermès has always been frank about how ‘tradition’ is central when it comes to their success. Tradition has always been a vital component of every aspect of the company, and there is no surprise why, when you see that their success has stood the test of time. With staples like; the Birkin and Kelly bags with their icon status, it is safe to say that the Hermes scarf is also in a league of its own. 

Fun fact: did you know that an Hermes silk scarf takes about two years to complete? It’s a process that may take just a few weeks at another fashion house, yet, for Hermes it is crucial that the brand sticks to méthode traditionnelle. At a recent press day, Pierre-Alexis Dumas, artistic director at Hermès explained, “My father Jean-Louis Dumas used to say that we have two legs for walking at Hermès—one is called tradition, and the other innovation. And in order to walk, we need both legs, and we also need to lose balance, which means to take a risk at every step.” The recent drop of Hermes AW20 collection, themed, ‘Innovation in the Making’, clearly shows this description of the brand to be true.

Hermes’ innovation can be seen through their use of traditional techniques and their ability to combine modern ideas; creating an unwithering approach to their designs. Exemplified, in their creation of the ‘silkit bag’, where one of their classic silk scarves is thread through magnetic calfskin clasps to create (you guessed it) a tote, and a 21st century classic is born. 

A scarf, that’s also a bag you say? Yes, that’s right. And we’re here for it. The practicality and ability to improvise when you are on the go has never been so chic. We tried it out for you with the Pani la Shar Pawnee double face scarf 90, to prove how convenient and easy it really is.

So whether you’re heading to the shop with one bag, and you’re in need of an extra one, or you just want to turn heads with a two-in-one accessory; the Hermes silkit is a faultless example of when the traditional meets modernity. 

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