We haven’t seen enough fashion brands using their resources to aid the Black Lives Matter movement, but we are proud to champion the ones that have. ROOP is a sustainable accessories brand that is taking Instagram by storm, reusing remnant vintage fabrics to create one of a kind bags and scrunchies. And at the time of publishing, ROOP will have raised £20,866 for two BLM charities via our favourite childhood funfair game; a lucky dip.

“I was trying to find a way of raising money and use my brand as a way to do something positive and more than just a post on Instagram,” shares founder of the brand, Natasha Fernandes Anjo. “I remembered a similar raffle I had entered to raise money for those affected by COVID-19 and the lucky dip was born!” The concept is simple. Donate a minimum £2 to their Crowdfunding page, and the email you entered will be added into a random draw. Natasha has partnered with over 50 brands, including Marques Almeida, House of Botanica and Studio Eris to create three goodie bags of delectable delights. 

Just a few of the goodies on offer

100% of funds raised will be split between Runnymede Trust and Reclaim the Block, which are both charities helping Black people’s lives here and across the pond. “To make real change, we need to support those in a position that can make long term political change that will shift the way our society works, and that's Runnymede,” explains Natasha. “I also wanted to donate to a charity that was at the heart of what was happening in America, and I felt like that was Reclaim the Block. There are so many it was hard to choose between them.”

While this incentive to donate may make you feel like you’ve done your bit, Natasha explains that there’s always more to be done, especially within the fashion industry. “They need to continue their support and their sentiments from the past couple of weeks: strive to be more inclusive. We shouldn't be made to feel like we’re represented if there's only one black face on a catwalk and we shouldn't be made to feel supported if you only use one black owned brand at a shoot. There's a wealth of beauty to be appreciated, booked and promoted so you should be using it!

Join the lucky dip and donate here.

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