Remember the innocence of a childhood holiday? There was no utterance of having a #bikinibod, no obligation to document your holiday via IG pics and acts of communication between friends and family would consist simply by a vacation postcard. With the world seeming oh so different now, we’re nearly longing for those times as much as we long for a summer getaway.

With pandemic measures relaxing by the week, all's not lost in the hopes of a holibobs. But as with everything in this new normal, the act begs a few questions: is it safe to be travelling now? Will it be worth the two week quarantine after? Will I end up having to sunbathe with a mask on? Amidst these ponderings comes the realisation that we’ve been cooped up in one location for too many months; our brains are in need of the stimulation that trying to understand a foreign street sign will give us and we’re craving the experience of cultural differences. So the question remains: to go abroad or not to go abroad?

If these decisions became a little overwhelming, then we’ve got the solution at hand. We’ve done what we do best, and looked into our wardrobes to transport us (in a Narnia-esque fashion) to the destinations we’d rather be, donned head to toe in brands from that country. This week, we're hero-ing Germany, as the party capital of the world with an underground fashion scene, as the next destination we’re wanderlusting/wardrobe-lusting over.

To the untrained eye, Germany, and its socially iconic capital, Berlin, can seem like a uniformed wall of black attire, with the odd splash of latex. But underneath the moody façade of the city is a plethora of creative subcultures, which accommodate every type of person, from flamboyant professionals to straight-laced ravers, and everything in between.

After this past year, Berlin seems like an attractive destination for a city break: a safe place where anything goes, everyone is welcome, and everyone’s seen it all. This week, you can channel this freedom of expression into your outfit, via some of Berlin’s most exciting designers.

Design house Ottolinger takes a deconstructed approach to couture. Founded in Berlin by Swiss duo Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient, the pair began by altering garments with lighters, acids, and packing tape. The rejection of traditional construction continues in their current lines, with mismatched prints and abstract tailoring. Our favourite pieces include this tomato-print dress and these trailing drop earrings.

Berlin is synonymous with its club scene, and GmbH takes inspiration from this melting pot of culture for their designs, creating party staples for hedonists everywhere. Beyond the frivolity of their muse, GmbH are rebelling against the fashion industry’s wastefulness, by repurposing deadstock and recycling materials. For both design and for ethos, these faux-leather trousers make the ultimate staple for a Berlin native.

For quirky jewellery that add interest to any outfit, Wald Berlin offers pieces with design elements from all over the world. Founders Joyce Binneboese and Dana Roski took an eight-year travelling hiatus, and now fuse the exotic with the urban by bringing utopian pearls and colours together with unusual Berlin-esque design. All pieces are handmade in Berlin, and we're loving this beaded bracelet and this oyster shell necklace.

Berliners are known for their eyewear, and Ic! Berlin is on hand to cater to all. Innovatively constructed with no screws or glue, these glasses are designed with form as well as function in mind: shapes range from the classic to the unusual (think: major Matrix vibes). We can’t go without this pair in a classically thin frame.

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