Remember the innocence of a childhood holiday? There was no utterance of having a #bikinibod, no obligation to document your holiday via IG pics and acts of communication between friends and family would consist simply by a vacation postcard. With the world seeming oh so different now, we’re nearly longing for those times as much as we long for a summer getaway.

With pandemic measures relaxing by the week, all's not lost in the hopes of a holibobs. But as with everything in this new normal, the act begs a few questions: is it safe to be travelling now? Will it be worth the two week quarantine after? Will I end up having to sunbathe with a mask on? Amidst these ponderings comes the realisation that we’ve been cooped up in one location for too many months; our brains are in need of the stimulation that trying to understand a foreign street sign will give us and we’re craving the experience of cultural differences. So the question remains: to go abroad or not to go abroad?

If these decisions became a little overwhelming, then we’ve got the solution at hand. We’ve done what we do best, and looked into our wardrobes to transport us (in a Narnia-esque fashion) to the destinations we’d rather be, donned head to toe in brands from that country. This week, we're hero-ing our neighbour, France, for it's café culture, sprawling wine regions and seductive scenery, as the next destination we’re wanderlusting/wardrobe-lusting over.

France has always been the epicentre of romance; of passionate love affairs and chateaux-ever-afters. Somehow, like the clichéd dreams themselves, the setting never seems to get old either: wandering the backstreets of Paris in the rain, wine tasting in Bordeaux, and cycling through the lavender fields of Provence all retain that timeless dreamy romance that can only be described as  je ne sais qoui.

The City of Lights is only a Eurostar journey away for us lucky Londoners, yet most of us do not journey across the Channel as often as we might like. Until you find yourself picnic-ing under le tour d’Eiffel or sipping a mimosa in St Tropez, you can feel the French fantasy through your wardrobe with the French labels below. 

In want of RTW that's as cosy as pyjamas, but socially acceptable to wear outside? Then look to Horror Vacui, the Parisian label whose nightwear-inspired garments are trop chic to be only worn within your home. Whimsical in nature but tailored in shape, their signature ruched high necks and extravagant bib collars are an example of how French decadent dressing is still relevant in today's fashion. 

Synonymous with the stereotype of French fashion, Jacquemus is one of the most iconic Parisian brands of the moment. The clean lines and no-fuss silhouettes create a timeless look that stays true to the maxim that French women do not adhere to trends, but to style. Feel like a native Parisian who summers in Cannes via the effortless shirt-dress or this polo shirt with a twist

To ensure that your jewellery is set to standout through the seasons, accessorise your look with Charlotte Chesnais. The pieces rebel against classical structures with twisted, dynamic shapes that are bound to elevate any quickly curated outfit. Adorn yourself with fluid, yet deliberate lines through these looping earrings or this triple-band ring

Ecofuturist label Marine Serre is modern in both vision and execution, creating haute silhouettes from sportswear fabrics and vintage French couture. By upcycling fabrics, this brand epitomises the fusion of classical style with the future, and proves that sustainability needn't come at the cost of luxury. If you're new to the label, choose something with their signature crescent-moon print or a more one-of-a-kind vintage piece to leave you with a lasting memory of the brand. 

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