What... The Penelope Chilvers x Collagerie Loafer

Why... Because a colourful shoe is a cobbler's way of lifting spirits

Colour has always been used as a mood booster; whether it be the vivid shades we paint on our nails or the striking sartorial colour palettes we dress in, it's guaranteed to bring a smile to one's face.

It's no surprise then that we're beaming at the Penelope Chilvers and Collagerie collaboration, having spawned three loafers each in their own covetable colour combinations. As two style stalwarts in their own right – Penelope Chilvers being the British brand inspired by Spanish shoes and Collagerie as the ultimate curated editorial-cum-shopping destination for fashion, beauty, and interiors – it seems natural that their ideas would combine to make such a sensational shoe.

In three unique colour ways, there's a shoe for every occasion. Take the Fauvist in navy, yellow and brown; it's earthy tones make it an apt choice for strolls in countryside towns. The triad of muted shades on the New Neutrals shoe still pop in any setting, but aren't too maximal for minimalists. And finally, the pink-tongued Baby Twist, which makes for an injection of brightness for those grey city days. 

The Penelope Chilvers x Collagerie collaboration launches on 26th January, and can be pre-ordered here. 

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