How can jewellery be both fixed and fluid? Well, the question can be simply answered upon viewing a style by Charlotte Chesnais.

Founding her business in 2015, after working alongside Nicolas Ghesquière as a fashion designer at Balenciaga, Charlotte Chesnais has since built a reputation for herself with her architecturally-crafted designs. Her jewellery, which looks just as beautiful sitting on your mantelpiece as it does being worn, has gained a cult following for her multidisciplinary approach to design: creating bijouterie that could easily be mistaken for art. 

Her latest capsule collection, which is made exclusively for Matches Fashion, is her first venture into using pearls and objects (that are available to purchase), and we, as well as Tanika Wisdom, a jewellery buyer at Matches Fashion, couldn't be more thrilled. "I am so excited about this special collaboration that we have been working on with Charlotte Chesnais, as I have admired both her work and craftsmanship for a very long time now," shares Tanika. "This exclusive capsule collection is the perfect marriage of both her sculptural aesthetic and ability to create incredibly feminine pieces." 

To find out more about her latest venture, we asked Charlotte about her creative process, and how she defines her design identity.

What was the inspiration behind this capsule collection?
As you can see the key element is the pearl here, which I have been curious about for a while. The shape and colours of the pearls add texture to my existing work, which I find really interesting. It’s a very poetic object as well. 

Your jewellery is very structural, what made you want to use pearls that are so stereotypically feminine?
I think maybe the vermeil and silver can make my pieces look "rigid" in a way, but there always are curvy lines in my design. Nothing is straight, there are no angles.

There is something sensual as well, in my opinion. I had been looking for a new texture or colour to add to my work for a while. Pearls were a great way to express that desire, as I wanted to choose something that comes from nature. It was then just about finding the right balance to integrate it into my existing collections. 

What drove you to make sculptures as well as the jewellery?
Sculptures are from a more personal project I worked on last year for an exhibition in Villa Noailles in Hyères: this very inspiring place designed by Robert Mallet-Stevens. The first sculptures were much bigger, heavier, and quite complicated to make and display.

We had the idea with Matches Fashion to make a smaller version, that you can display at home. I am incredibly happy about the new design perspective this opened for me.

How do you think your designs reflect what modern women want?
Maybe because I only design pieces that I want to wear! My work is sincere and I hope that it reflects what women feel like wearing – today and for a long time after, of course.

Describe your aesthetic in three words?
Sculptural, timeless and strong.

Shop the collaboration below:

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