Roll up, roll up, London Fashion Week is here! In an aid to keep things short and snappy, we’ve kept each show review to 180 characters, in homage to the BFC show space address. Keep on reading to find out the best bits of LFW Day Two.

Petar Petrov
The designer’s debut show, was a spectacular display of modern tailoring. Oversized button-back coats that were worn as dresses, were followed by feminine but innovative two pieces.

Phoebe English
As an innovator of sustainability within fashion, Phoebe English used fabrics from other designer’s, rather than creating her own. Bravo for your pioneering and positive efforts.

Toga continued their theme of contradiction for AW20, as their catwalk showed a mash up of minimal and maximal. Read: maxi dresses with extremely padded puffers.

Dilara Findikoglu
This season, Dilara took us into her pysche. Her show, a dinner party at the National Liberal Club, saw characters that represent the 'black-hole's' that consume our minds, swan around the room.

Richard Quinn
God save the Quinn. This season, the designer amazed with a fully beaded suit, while an array of Quinn, high-volume masterpieces preceded to follow. A delightful array of couture fantasias.

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