Having an eco-conscious collection of clothing that is also on trend could not be easier in 2020. Long gone are the days of having to compromise style for sustainability, as our most beloved brands – even those with the most traditional of mindsets – are making sure that their fashion output doesn’t come at the cost of our planet. But with even this in mind, the act of creating naturally comes with some form of environmental disrupt; whether that be from offcuts ending up on landfills or the carbon emissions that amount due to production. Can producing new fashion ever be sustainable?

Well, Alessandro Michelle, creative director of Gucci and design extraordinaire has taken the challenge upon himself and the Italian fashion house. Yesterday saw the launch of Gucci off the Grid, exclusively for the first two weeks via Farfetch, the brand’s first collection from Gucci Circular Lines, an initiative created to support the House’s vision for circular production. The collection is made from recycled, organic, bio-based and sustainably sourced materials, including ECONYL®, a regenerated nylon made from nylon offcuts and pre- and post-consumer waste, metal-free tanned leather and recycled brass, while still exuding the eclectic and outspoken charm that Michelle has dressed the brand in since he joined in 2015. As well as sustainable materials, Gucci are ensuring that any ECONYL® or leather offcuts from the collection are recycled as part of the 'GUCCI-ECONYL® PRE CONSUMER FABRIC TAKE BACK PROGRAM', ensuring that their journey continues through the industry. And finally, to top off the sustainable triumphs, the fashion house has decreased their CO2 emissions by sourcing raw materials and changing the manufacturing and production processes. The remaining emissions will be offset through Gucci’s annual carbon neutral commitment, which supports REDD+ projects that protect forests and biodiversity in vital places around the world to help the conservation of our planet.

If that recital wasn’t enough to interest you, the collection’s logo-centric design will certainly make for a topic of discussion at your next socially distanced gathering. Bags, bucket hats, wallets and rain jackets are embossed with the iconic ‘GG’, which are donned upon a selection of celebrities-cum-environmental activists, such as Jane Fonda and David de Rothschild in their latest campaign. If the 82 year old actress ,whose been arrested over four times in the name of climate change activism endorses it, anyone who cares about the environment should do so too.

Shop the Gucci Off the Grid collection below:

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